Chrysler Option Codes

T82 F70-15 White
T83 F70-14 Red
T85 F70-14 Red (Fiberglass Belted)
T86 F70-14 White
T87 F70-14 Raised White Letter
TBB Full Size Spare Tire
TBE Add Full Size Spare Tire
TBW Full Size Matching Spare Wheel - SE
TCH Tires: P245/65R17 BSW AT
TMD P215/75R15 BSW Tires
TMW Tires - P215/75R15 OWL A/T - SE
TP8 LT235/80R17E BSW On/Off Road Tires
TP9 LT235/80R17E OWL On/Off Road Tires
TRN Tires - P225/75R15 OWL A/T - SE
TSC P235/75R15XL BSW A/S Tires
TSK P235/75R15XL BSW A/S Tires
TTX 245/45ZR20 Performacne Tires
TWH P215/65R17 All-Season Self-Sealing Tires
TX-- H.D. Vinyl 40/20/40 Split Back Bench
TXW Tires - LT265/75R16 A/T OWL (5) /1500
TYD Tires - P245/75R16E A/S BSW (5)
TYK Tires - P245/75R16C A/S BSW (5)
TYL Tires - P245/75R16C A/T BSW (5)
TYU Tires - LT245/75R16 A/S BSW (5) /1500
TYX Tires - P245/75R16C A/T OWL (5) /1500
TYZ Tires - LT245/75R16 A/T OWL /1500 SWB
U01 E60-15 Raised White Letter (Front)
U01 G60-15 Raised White Letter (Rear)
U64 F70-15 White Stripe (Fiberglass belted)
U65 F70-15 Red Stripe (Fiberglass belted)
U7S Special Order
U82 E60-15 Raised White Letter Polyglass
U86 G60-15 Raised White Letter Polyglass
V01 Mono Tone Paint Treatment
V02 Two Tone Paint Treatment
V05 Paint Buffed
V08 Paint, Trim, and Vinyl Roof Edit Waiver
V09 Paint Special Order
V19 Full Vinyl Top - Special Order Black
V1A Full Vinyl Top - Gunmetal
V1B Full Vinyl Top - Blue
V1C Full Vinyl Top - Black Alligator
V1F Full Vinyl Top - Green
V1G Full Vinyl Top - Gator Grain
V1H Full Vinyl Top - Green Floral
V1J Full Vinyl Top - Walnut Pattern
V1J Full Vinyl Top - Paisley
V1K Full Vinyl Top - Walnut
V1L Full Vinyl Top - Champaign
V1L Full Vinyl Top - Parchment
V1M Full Vinyl Top - Burgundy
V1P Full Vinyl Top - Yellow Floral
V1P Full Vinyl Top - Mod Yellow
V1Q Full Vinyl Top - Blue & Green Floral
V1Q Full Vinyl Top - Mod Blue
V1T Full Vinyl Top - Tan
V1W Full Vinyl Top - White Gunmetal
V1X Full Vinyl Top - Black
V1Y Full Vinyl Top - Gold & Green Floral
V1Y Full Vinyl Top - Gold
V1Y Full Vinyl Top - Tortoise Grain
V21 Performance Hood Treatment
V22 Delete Sport Hood Treatment
V23 Paint - Delete Body Side
V24 Performance Hood Treatment w/CID
V39 Convertible Top - Special Order
V3W Convertible Top - White
V3X Convertible Top - Black
V4A Vinyl Canopy Roof - Gunmetal
V4B Vinyl Canopy Roof - Blue
V4C Vinyl Canopy Roof - Black Alligator
V4F Vinyl Canopy Roof - Green
V4G Vinyl Canopy Roof - Gator Grain
V4H Vinyl Canopy Roof - Green Floral
V4J Body Side Stripe - Lime Fluorescent
V4J Vinyl Canopy Roof - Walnut Pattern
V4J Vinyl Canopy Roof - Paisley
V4K Vinyl Canopy Roof - Walnut
V4L Vinyl Canopy Roof - Champaign
V4L Vinyl Canopy Roof - Parchment
V4M Body Side Stripe - Pink Fluorescent
V4M Vinyl Canopy Roof - Burgundy
V4P Vinyl Canopy Roof - Yellow Floral
V4P Vinyl Canopy Roof- Mod Yellow
V4Q Vinyl Canopy Roof - Blue & Green Floral
V4Q Vinyl Canopy Roof- Mod Blue
V4T Vinyl Canopy Roof - Tan
V4W Body Side Stripe - White
V4W Vinyl Canopy Roof - White Gunmetal
V4X Body Side Stripe - Black
V4X Vinyl Canopy Roof - Black
V4Y Vinyl Canopy Roof - Gold & Green Floral
V4Y Vinyl Canopy Roof - Gold
V4Y Vinyl Canopy Roof - Tortoise Grain
V58 Body Side Molding - Delete
V5A Body Side Molding - Gunmetal
V5B Body Side Molding - Light Blue
V5C Body Side Molding - Plum Crazy
V5D Body Side Molding - Dark Blue
V5E Body Side Molding - Bright Red
V5F Body Side Molding - Green
V5H Body Side Molding - Trans Am Black
V5J Body Side Molding - Chartreuse
V5K Body Side Molding - Go Mango
V5M Body Side Molding - Magenta
V5M Body Side Molding - Burgundy
V5R Body Side Molding - Red
V5T Body Side Molding - Tan
V5V Body Side Molding - Orange
V5W Body Side Molding - White
V5X Body Side Molding - Black
V5Y Body Side Molding - Yellow
V68 Longitudinal Stripes - Delete
V6A Longitudinal Stripes - Gunmetal
V6B Longitudinal Stripes - Light Blue
V6C Longitudinal Stripes - Plum Crazy
V6D Longitudinal Stripes - Dark Blue
V6E Longitudinal Stripes - Bright Red
V6F Longitudinal Stripes - Green
V6H Longitudinal Stripes - Trans Am Black
V6J Longitudinal Stripes - Chartreuse
V6K Longitudinal Stripes - Go Mango
V6M Longitudinal Stripes - Magenta
V6M Longitudinal Stripes - Burgundy
V6R Longitudinal Stripes - Red
V6T Longitudinal Stripes - Tan
V6V Longitudinal Stripes - Orange
V6W Longitudinal Stripes - White
V6X Longitudinal Stripes - Black
V6Y Longitudinal Stripes - Yellow
V78 Accent Stripes - Delete
V7A Accent Stripes - Gunmetal
V7B Accent Stripes - Light Blue
V7C Accent Stripes - Plum Crazy
V7D Accent Stripes - Dark Blue
V7E Accent Stripes - Bright Red
V7F Accent Stripes - Green
V7H Accent Stripes - Trans Am Black
V7J Accent Stripes - Chartreuse
V7K Accent Stripes - Go Mango
V7M Accent Stripes - Magenta
V7M Accent Stripes - Burgundy
V7R Accent Stripes - Red
V7T Accent Stripes - Tan
V7V Accent Stripes - Orange
V7W Accent Stripes - White
V7X Accent Stripes - Black
V7Y Accent Stripes - Yellow
V88 Transverse Stripes - Delete
V8A Transverse Stripes - Gunmetal
V8B Transverse Stripes - Light Blue
V8C Transverse Stripes - Plum Crazy
V8D Transverse Stripes - Dark Blue
V8E Transverse Stripes - Bright Red
V8F Transverse Stripes - Green
V8H Transverse Stripes - Trans Am Black
V8J Transverse Stripes - Chartreuse
V8K Transverse Stripes - Go Mango
V8M Transverse Stripes - Magenta
V8M Transverse Stripes - Burgundy
V8R Transverse Stripes - Red
V8T Transverse Stripes - Tan
V8V Transverse Stripes - Orange
V8W Transverse Stripes - White
V8X Transverse Stripes - Black
V8Y Transverse Stripes - Yellow
V98 Bumble Bee Stripes - Delete
V98 Longitudinal Stripes - Delete
V9A Bumble Bee Stripes - Gunmetal
V9A Longitudinal Stripes - Gunmetal
V9B Bumble Bee Stripes - Light Blue
V9B Longitudinal Stripes - Light Blue
V9C Bumble Bee Stripes - Plum Crazy
V9C Longitudinal Stripes - Plum Crazy
V9D Bumble Bee Stripes - Dark Blue
V9D Longitudinal Stripes - Dark Blue
V9E Bumble Bee Stripes - Bright Red
V9E Longitudinal Stripes - Bright Red
V9F Bumble Bee Stripes - Green
V9F Longitudinal Stripes - Green
V9H Bumble Bee Stripes - Trans Am Black
V9H Longitudinal Stripes - Trans Am Black
V9J Bumble Bee Stripes - Chartreuse
V9J Longitudinal Stripes - Chartreuse
V9K Bumble Bee Stripes - Go Mango
V9K Longitudinal Stripes - Go Mango
V9M Bumble Bee Stripes - Magenta
V9M Bumble Bee Stripes - Burgundy
V9M Longitudinal Stripes - Magenta
V9M Longitudinal Stripes - Burgundy
V9R Bumble Bee Stripes - Red
V9R Longitudinal Stripes - Red
V9T Bumble Bee Stripes - Tan
V9T Longitudinal Stripes - Tan
V9V Bumble Bee Stripes - Orange
V9V Longitudinal Stripes - Orange
V9W Bumble Bee Stripes - White
V9W Longitudinal Stripes - White
V9X Bumble Bee Stripes - Black
V9X Longitudinal Stripes - Black
V9Y Bumble Bee Stripes - Yellow
V9Y Longitudinal Stripes - Yellow
VK_ Hardtop
W21 Road Wheels
W21 Rallye Wheels
W23 Road Wheels
W34 Collapsible Spare Tire
W55 Wheels Painted Body Color
WBG 17 x 7.5 Aluminum Wheels
WDB 16x7 Chrome Steel Wheels
WF2 Wheels - 17 X 8.0 Steel, Chrome Clad
WFX Wheels: 17" x 7.5" Aluminum
WHT Aluminum Wheels
WJ1 5-Spoke "Grizzly" Aluminum Wheels/SE
WJ5 Wheels - 5-Spoke Full Face Steel
WJF Wheels
WJT Aluminum Wheels "Predator"
WND Wheel - Cast Aluminum/ST 4x4
WNF 16"x6.5" Aluminum Wheels
XAA Parksense - Rear Back-Up System
XAP Power Adjustable Pedals (Fleet)
XBC Pickup Box Delete
XEF Skid Plates - Transfer Case (Fleet)
XEF Skid Plates - Transfer Case (Fleet)
XEW Tow Hooks - 2 Front/1Rear
XJL Front Hood Protection Shield
XMD Over Rail Bedliner (Fleet)
XME Under Rail Bedliner
XME Under Rail Bedliner
Y05 Build to USA Specs
Y07 Build to Canada Specs
Y09 Build to Specs for Export
Y11 Domestic Publications
Y13 Dealer Demo
Y14 Sold Car
Y15 Direct Sale
Y16 Sales Bank
Y17 Corporate Lease Car System
Y22 Corporate Lease Car - Executive
Y28 Company Car/Public Relations
Y33 Fleet Sales
Y37 Outside Modification Vendor (Sunroof)
Y39 Special Order
Y54 Chrysler Management Employee Purchase
Y91 Show Car Finish A / Less Gas
Y92 Show Car Finish B / Less Gas
Y93 Show Car Finish B / Less Gas
Y97 Show Car Finish - 3 Gallons Gas
YCF California Emissions Order Code
YCF Emissions - Border State
YCH Federal Emissions Order Code
Z5A Payload - 1450#
Z5C Payload - 2000#
Z6D GVWR: 6400 lbs.