Chrysler Option Codes

N23 Engine Block Heater
N25 Optional Engine Compression Ratio
N31 Dual Exhaust
N41 Chrome Exhaust Tips
N42 Side Exhaust
N44 Hi Capacity Fan
N45 Medium Capacity Fan
N46 Maximum Engine Cooling
N51 7 Blade Torque Drive Fan
N65 Aux. Transmission Fluid Cooler
N75 Aux. Vacuum Reservoir
N77 Performance Gauge
N78 Fast Idle Control
N81 Tachometer
N85 Auto Speed Control
N88 Fiberglass Fresh Air Hood
N94 Emissions Control
N95 Fresh Air Hood
N96 Noise Reduction Package
N97 Exhaust Emissions Standards Label
N98 71 only
NAE Additional equipment
NAE/C Emissions - CA
NAE/M Emissions - MA
NAE/N Emissions - NY
NAS 50 state emissions
NBN Northeastern States - $0
NBY Additional equipment
NFB Fuel Tank - 22 Gallon
NHK Engine Block Heater
NHM Speed Control (Fleet)
NHM Speed Control
NMC Engine Cooling - Heavy Duty
NMC Cooling Engine Maximum
P_ Monotone Paint
P__ Inferno Red Tinted PC Paint
P21 Power Front Bench Seat
P25 Power Left Front Seat
P28 Power Left/Right Front Seat
P31 Power Windows
P33 Power Vent Windows
P35 Power Tailgate Window
P37 Power Convertible Top
P41 Power Door Locks
P44 Power Lock Tailgate
P45 Power Deck Lid Release
PEL Inferno Red Tinted Pearl Paint
PNT Extra Cost Paint
PW1 Exterior Paint: Stone White Clearcoat
R11 AM Radio (2 Watts)
R13 Deluxe AM Radio (5 1/2 Watts)
R18 Search Tune AM Radio (5 1/2 Watts)
R21 AM/FM Radio (5 1/2 Watts)
R22 AM Radio with 8 Track (10 Watts)
R23 Search Tune AM/FM Radio (5 1/2 Watts)
R26 AM Radio with Cassette
R31 Rear Seat Speaker(s)
R32 Dual Rear Speakers
R33 Microphone
R35 AM/FM Stereo Radio (10 Watts)
R36 AM/FM Stereo with Cassette
R37 AM/FM Stereo with 8 Track
R45 Oversize Manual Antenna
R48 Power Antenna
RA8 Radio Delete
RAL Radio with 2-Speakers/Clock
RAQ AM/FM CD 6-Disc MP3 Radio
RAS AM/FM /Cassette/6 Speakers
RAZ Am/Fm Stereo Cass/CD/Equal /1500
RBK AM/FM Stereo & CD
RBN Am/Fm Stereo Cass/CD Chger Control/15
RBN AM/FM Stereo Cassette w/G.E.
RBR Am/Fm Stereo /CD /1500
RBR AM/FM Stereo CD w/Equalizer
RBS AM/FM/Cassette/CD Changer/6 Speakers
RBX AM/FM w/Cassette/CD /Base - $435
RCC 6 Premium Speakers & 120 Watt Amp - SE
RCD Speaker System - Four -
RCE Speakers - Infinity Sound
RDS CD-6/MP3/GPS Audio Unit
RDV CD/DVD Changer 6-Disc In-Dash
RDZ Steering Wheel Audio Controls/1500
REC 6CD/Full Map GPS Display Nav Radio (Fleet)
REQ AM/FM 6 Disc DVD MP3 Radio (Fleet)
RER MyGig mMultimedia Infotainment System
RES Radio: Media Center 130 CD/MP3
REV AM/FM CD DVD Video/Audio MP3 Radio
RSA Sirius Satellite Radio
RSC Sirius Satellite Radio (Fleet)
RSP UConnect Hands-Free Communication (Fleet)
S11 Suspension H.D. without Sway Bar
S13 Suspension H.D. with Sway Bar
S15 Hemi Suspension with Sway Bar
S16 Suspension H.D. Police
S17 Reduced Rate Suspension
S21 Shocks H.D. 1"-Front / Monroe Load Levers Rear
S22 Shocks H.D. Monroe Front / Load Levers Rear
S25 Firm Ride Shocks 1" Front & Rear
S28 Firm Ride Shocks 1" Front / 1 3/8" Rear
S31 Front Sway Bar
S41 Rear Sway Bar
S61 Tilt/Telescopic Steering Column
S62 Tilt Steering Column
S74 Quick Ratio Power Steering
S75 Quick Ration Manual Steering
S76 Steering Wheel Horn Ring Full/Fleet
S77 Power Steering
S78 Full Horn Ring
S79 Lower ½ Horn Ring
S81 Premium Steering Wheel Woodgrained
S81 Deluxe Padded Steering Wheel (B-Body)
S83 Rim Blow Woodgrained Steering Wheel (Rim Blow)
S84 Tuff" Steering Wheel
S9-- Deluxe Cloth Seat/1500
SCG Steering Wheel - Leather Wrapped
SDA Normal Duty Suspension
SDU Shocks - High Pressure Gas Charged
SUA Tilt Steering Wheel